COMING SOON: 6 Exciting New Instagram Features


Fancy experimenting with Kylie Jenner’s lipstick kits through Instagram, or discussing your latest Netflix binge on video call with four friends? If these are the type of Instagram features you’ve been craving, you’re going to be thrilled about the announcements made at Facebook’s recent F8 conference. Let’s take a closer look at the details and how the updates will make Instagram better for brands, users and creators.

  1. Nametags

The new nametags feature is the Insta-version of Snapchat’s QR codes: users create a unique image that others scan with the Instagram stories camera for a quick follow. For brands, this is particularly worthwhile as the customised image can also be scanned from in-store signage, posters and merchandise. It’s more efficient than asking customers to type in a username to search for and follow your account.

Once the feature is released, users will be able to tap a QR scanner button at the top of their profile to open the Nametag editor, where they can then construct a customised background image with their username appearing in the centre. Design options will vary from Instagram’s signature colour gradient to an emoji or face filter pattern, as seen below in the example from TechCrunch. Watch out, Snapchat.

  1. Group video chat

With 100 million users already using the Live feature every day to hang out with followers, it’s no surprise that Instagram plans to roll out group video calls over the next few months. As Mark Zuckerberg said in his F8 keynote, “It’s amazing how many of these social tools are about getting as close to feeling like we’re there with someone.

According to the F8 demonstration below, a film camera icon will soon appear in the top-right corner of your private DM inbox, allowing calls to one or more chat participants, just like FaceTime or WhatsApp. Bonus: callers will also be able to minimise but maintain the video call so that they can simultaneously scroll through their feed.

Source: Instagram Press

  1. Custom filters

A recurring theme of the F8 conference was augmented reality – i.e. the fancy term for adding dog ears or a moustache to your selfie – and soon, you’ll be able to create and share your own DIY filter through Instagram stories. The contemporary effects aren’t just for amusement, they are a great opportunity for brands and content creators. According to the Verge, Kylie Jenner is the pioneering influencer for the innovative feature. Once custom AR lands, her specially designed lipstick filter will allow you to try before you buy. As an added incentive, brands and influencers that make use of the feature can also expect a bump in followers: users will only be able to use custom filters if they follow the account first.

Source: Later

  1. Spotify on stories

Discovered a musical gem that needs to be shared? Cue: Spotify x Instagram. When listening to a song, playlist or album Spotify, you can now tap the share button in the Spotify app, which takes you straight to Instagram stories, appearing as a sticker so you can to edit as normal. Tapping the sticker acts as a link to the Spotify app, meaning you can jam along courtesy of your friend, favourite influencer or brand straight from Instagram Stories.

Source: Instagram Press

  1. Regram button

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, which are both platforms that have made it easy for users to share or retweet, Instagram is leagues behind when it comes to reposting user-generated content (UGC) without using a third-party app. As of this year, Instagram is testing a new fixture to the like, comment and DM panel below each post, called “regram“. Not only will this button make it easy for users and brands to share UGC, but it will also give appropriate credit to the content’s original account. We should be seeing this feature drop some time in late 2018.

Source: Kuno Creative

  1. Offensive comments

Instagram has filtered harassing comments based on keywords since late 2016, and is now taking the technology to the next level. A new anti-bullying feature, available with the latest update of the Instagram app, identifies language that might upset or offend users and removes the comment automatically. Although it isn’t clear how broad the interpretation of “offensive language” is, Instagram is targeting “comments containing attacks on a person’s appearance or character.” As of the last update, ‘Hide Offensive Comments’ is automatically enabled for every user. If you want to see unfiltered comments, you need to manually disable the feature in the Comment Controls section of your user settings.

Source: Instagram Press

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