8 Ridiculously Cute Instagram Animal Trends

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The Best Animal Hashtags

Sometimes the world likes to pretend that social media is about people. But we all know that if the internet had a tagline, it would be, ‘By People, For Pets’.

You can’t scroll through a feed for three seconds without spotting a cat or a dog or, if you’re lucky, a pot-belly pig. Feeds are filled with furry faces and inevitably, a few four-legged trends have started to crop up. Here are our favourite on the whole, wide Internet.

1. #dogbuns

Inspired by the ubiquitous ‘man bun’, these are snaps of dogs with their fur styled into dog buns. It all started when @DressedByFinn made their now-trademarked puppy singlet featured below. We appreciate any human hairstyle on a dog, but the bun really shows off canine’s bone structure.

2. #caturday
If it’s Saturday and there’s a cat involved, this tag is appropriate. One of the original pet Instagram trends, it’s hard to go wrong when the first day of the weekend includes cats.

3. #dogsimba
Remember Simba, from the Lion King? Hundreds of dogs are challenging his claim to the throne by donning manes and, in some cases, being lifted into the air to the tune of The Circle of Life. Hakuna Matata indeed (it means no worries).

4. #quokkaselfie
We’ve all heard of mirror selfies, but have you heard of a quokka selfie? Better yet, have you heard of a quokka? In case you didn’t know, quokkas are marsupials that look like tiny, fluffy kangaroos. They’re certainly not camera-shy, either.

5. #moustachedmews
A tag dedicated to cats that are blessed with moustache-shaped markings. You get the occasional owner sticking a fake mo’ on their feline and calling it a #moustachecat but don’t fall the phonies.

6. #friedchickenpuppies 

It all started when a meme went viral comparing a golden litter of newly born pups with fried chicken piled on a plate. Now some pet Instagram accounts are taking it a step further, including our very own @lifeofjinkee.

7. #tongueouttuesday
Humans may have #throwbackthursday, but #tongueouttuesday is the pet equivalent. The rules are simple: post a photo of your animal with its tongue out and hashtag appropriately.

8. #catbeard
This animal Instagram trend really encourages bonding between pet and owner. All you need is one human, one cat (or dog), a fantastic camera angle and voila!