Five Reasons to Engage Social Media Influencers


Top 5 Reasons to Engage Influencers

Online marketing has become tight, targeted and tricky. But no matter how many relevant T words you use to describe it, the fact is that the public sees it for what it is – advertising. They may not be able to escape it, but they can tune out and many do. Consumers have become critical of advertising. Brands have to evolve with them.

According to a recent study published by AdWeek, influencer marketing is the fastest-growing online customer acquisition tactic. It’s exactly what it sounds like; brands connect with compatible social media personalities (or influencers) and engage them to post about their brand. Marketing your product or service through influencers is marketing to your audience by appealing to what they like, know and trust. The best part about it is that it’s incredibly simple. Here are our top five reasons for incorporating influencer marketing into your marketing strategy.

1. Everybody’s Doing It

The study published by AdWeek also quoted that 59% of marketers plan to increase their influencer marketing budget over the next 12 months. That’s a massive figure and getting in early is the key to a successful venture into influencer marketing. If you wait too long, you may struggle to secure the perfect brand ambassadors due to competition. There’s also a risk that the public will start rejecting this form of marketing in the future as a result of oversaturation.

2. It’s Affordable

Some ambassadors collect a hefty paycheck for a mention on social media, but that’s not always the case. Often influencers only collect a small percentage of sales relating directly to their post or they post it for free because they like your product and their followers look to them as a taste-maker/trend-setter. Influencer endorsements that cost nothing and benefit your brand as well as the influencer are known as ‘earned media’.

3. People Trust Social Media Stars

Variety’s list of Top 20 Most Influential Stars included 10 social media personalities. And it wasn’t a Hollywood star that nabbed the top spot; in fact, social media stars scored the top FIVE spots, beating big names like Jennifer Lawrence, Katy Perry and Seth Rogan. The social media elite didn’t earn those rankings by walking around looking beautiful. They’re influential because their followers like their personalities and the public trust them; they connect on a personal level.

4. Social Media is Wildly Popular

A study conducted by DEFY Media showed that 96% of 13 to 24-year olds view online content through social media channels for an average of 11 hours per week. That’s more time than they spend watching TV, and definitely more time than they spend browsing print media. Of course you can always invest in online advertising for the most popular social media channels, but influencer marketing is a seamless marketing supplement that will find your product, brand or service inserted directly into the feeds that your demographic chooses to subscribe to.

5. It Nurtures Customer Loyalty

We’ve covered the fact that consumers will be more likely to trust your product if it’s recommended by a trusted influencer. If that results in a quick sale, great! But that’s not where the value of influencer marketing ends. Consumers are savvy to the outdated forms of manipulation prevalent in traditional advertising, so they’re sceptical of anything being advertised in that manner. When someone is introduced to a brand through someone they trust, they instinctively trust the brand by association.